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DTS focuses on advancing your safety and security by ensuring the safe keeping and protection of; people, places, property, products and reputations.

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DTS staff has a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective security solutions for our clients.

A Fully Customizable Concierge Security Service!

Commitment to Service

DTS is committed to providing a positive end user experience through a constant sense of urgency when  responding to client requirements, and last minute changes. We are by nature an adaptive, progressive and dynamic company. Our core values of Honor, Integrity, and Dependability are weighed against every decision. One of our greatest strengths is our exigent responsiveness. We quickly address requests or concerns to accommodate the fluctuant nature of our clients' needs. We remain transparent and communicative when identifying shortfalls or opportunities for improvement. Matters requiring immediate attention are responded to with urgency and reported to DTS management within minutes of awareness. Our forward thinking and solution oriented philosophy ensures our clients' satisfaction.